I am an undergraduate student at the University of Cape Studying Environmental and Geographical Science and History. I am passionate about wildlife, nature, wildlife photography and conservation, and enjoy going on birding trips, camps, hikes and safari’s.

My aim behind this blog was originally to showcase the biodiversity of South Africa through my photos and to share my experiences that I’ve had in natural areas. I will also try and include conservation issues that I feel are crucially important and also showcase some of the worlds most bio diverse and stunning places. I hope to be able to show people what a beautiful place we live in and why we cannot let it disappear.

I’ve decided now to also use my blog as a platform to spread news stories about the natural world that I feel are important and that also provide hope for nature and show its resilience. In addition, I will also be drawing on my experiences in wild places to blog about key biological areas in Southern Africa and conservation movements, as well as important concepts about the value of the natural world to our planets survival.